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Specifications of women's blouse long sleeveBuy women's blouse long sleeve in bulk amount

Choosing to buy women’s clothing has always been difficult, both on their own and on the part of men; Because usually all tasteful and well-dressed Iranian women with any budget are looking for the best to cover themselves. Today,women’s blouse long sleeve have a lot of variety and models.


Specifications of women’s blouse long sleeve

In fact, the blouse extends below the hip line and between the thighs. The blouse can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, and the amount of tightness and looseness, and the material are different in different brands. Blouses are one of the oldest garments worn by both men and women throughout history, but the modern version dates back to the 1980s.

Many women today consider blouses as the main component of their wardrobe. Blouses are loose and very diverse and can be adapted to different conditions and clothes. Depending on what they are set with and how they are decorated, they can be used as formal or informal clothes and comfort.

Today, Women’s Blouses have a variety of different colors and models and they can be divided into different ways. However, the fit of the blouses with the season in which they are used should not be overlooked; That is why women’s blouses can be divided into 4 categories:

  1. Spring blouses
  2. Cool and summer blouses
  3. Autumn blouses
  4. As well as warm and winter plows

Each type of blouse has unique features, which we will explain in this section.

Butterfly design women’s blouse:

This dress has a simple strap and is made of viscose and is suitable for everyday use. Fabrics made of viscose fibers have high moisture absorption, good breathability, comfort and dyeability, as well as low static electricity generation properties of viscose.

Women’s seven-collar cotton blouse:

These Women’s Long Sleeve Shirts have a free form. On the other hand, the height of the front of the dress is shorter than the back. The fabric of the dress is also patterned.

Buy women’s blouse long sleeve in bulk amount

To buy a blouse, in addition to considering your size, pay attention to its height and fit according to your needs. Short blouses with skirts or pants can be a good choice for a family party, depending on your taste, you can choose an attractive, casual or free fit.

Depending on the model and fit, you can wear long blouses with open front coats or even as a coat. If you are looking to buy blouses at a reasonable price, you can easily find the most diverse models of shoes and shirts in many shopping centers.

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Collection Sensee Mezon invite you for buy the best Children’s and women’s clothing.

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